[HiFi+ issue 159에서 발췌. written by Nicholas Ripley]

Perhaps the most interesting part of the Allnic cable design is the use of Mu-metal shielding. Other audio cable manufacturers tend to use copper or silver shields for signal cables. These are effective only for electric noise, not for magnetic interference. Allnic uses Mu-metals as a braided shield in its interconnect cables (both RCA and XLR), which protects the signal from both kinds of noise. Allnic claims this as a world-first in audio.

Like some of the best cable brands, Allnic knows the secret of elegant packaging. Each interconnect and power cord cable is packed in a thick resealable plastic bag, which is itself supplied in a black velveteen bag with nice gold ferrules on the drawstrings and the Allnic logo in gold.

The cables themselves are extremely well made, elegant, and quite difficult to manhandle. They have a habit of springing back into shape when you are trying to set them  up, and it’s so hard to find a good cable-wrangler these days. Fortunately, Allnic gave the cables some very thorough burn in treatment before sending them to us.

I was impressed from the first moment I plugged the cables into a system. I then tried them on another system and came away equally impressed. They are impressive for two very clear reasons. First, they do no harm. Sounds are portrayed not just with intrinsic neutrality, but fidelity to the performance of the electronics and loudspeakers you use. As I moved from a small British amp to big American muscle, so the Allnic cables brought out their inherent characteristics without over-stressing another aspect of the performance.

Which leads me to the other clear reason why these cables are so sublime… absence of background noise. OK, so audio’s Angry Brigade are sharpening their pitchforks as I write this, but cables can contribute to lowering the noise of a system. (…) Of the range of Allnic cables, the interconnect and power cord (in that order) are best at this noise-killing effect. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my time playing with the Allnic cables. They are rewarding, and consistent enough to say universally so. The speed of attack and the silent backgrounds, alongside an intrinsic sense of getting out of the way of the rest of the system, are extremely satisfying and seductive properties. It’s hard not to be impressed with these Korean cables!

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