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World-class OTL/OCL tube pre amplifier

L-10000 OTL/OCL

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Allnic’s flagship power cable

ZL-5000 Power Cable

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Allnic H-1202 phono amplifier


The audio beat

With the needle drop on the first track, the H-1202 immersed me in that music. No corner of the stage was left in the dark, and the depth extended well beyond my front wall. Every nuance of the performance was unveiled with amazing detail, richness of timbre and truthful scale. When called for, dynamics were explosive and lightning fast.

Allnic L-10000 OTL/OCL preamplifier


6 moons

The Allnic L-10000 behaved like a very active signal accelerator and dynamic expander. From 300B, that so wasn’t I’d experienced before. With the L-10000, that genie was out of the bottles now.

zl technology cables

Which leads me to the other clear reason why Allnic cables are so sublime… absence of background noise. The mechanism as to how this happens is unclear, but they do it all the same.

Nicholas Ripley, HiFi+

Allnic L-7000 preamplifier


an audiophilia star component

“In the Allnic Audio L-7000 Preamplifier, you have a musical instrument that’ll take you anywhere your heart desires, transparently, smoothly, dynamically and embraced in the most wonderful soundstage and gorgeous instrumental and vocal timbres. A life affirming component and very highly recommended.”.


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